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A beautifully crafted, wooden construction resource, designed to be appealing and safe to use.
Use indoors or out (not to be stored outdoors).
Made from Pinewood.
Watch as children, stack, roll or create castles and kingdoms with this creative, open-ended set.
Build magical lands where elves, knights and super heroes can create amazing adventures.
The children are able to be the architects of their own design.
Build small world locations that will be the catalysts for imaginative stories.
Embellish with natural materials or other small world resources (not included).
Size of cylinders: W6cm x H17cm. Size of wall: approx. W15cm x 6cm.

Product Content:

  • 8 x Cylinders
  • 8 x Cones
  • 4 x Crenelated walls
  • 8 x Small walls
  • 12 x Large walls

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