Product Code: KF0012

By combining or sequencing Apples, Leaves and Caterpillars, children challenge and enhance finger dexterity and conititive motor skills
Stackable Apples provide limitless possibilities for balance and different levels of stacking activities
While threading the Apples and Leaves, children experience different textures
Caterpillars come in two different lengths for more versatile designs
Threading and tying with the needle caterpillar provides basic training for daily self-care abilities
Needle Caterpillar can be used to link Apples in a flexible structure and make more interesting and unique creations
Apples in two colours give more versatile designs and allow for instructional activities
Set can be used individually or with multiple children
Enhance fine movement ability through threading apples with the needle caterpillar and tying knots
Connecting teh apples, caterpillars and leaves helps develop hand-eye coordination
Promote fine motor skills

84 Piece Set

  • 10x Green Apple
  • 10x Red Apple
  • 20x Caterpillar (S)
  • 20x Caterpillar (L)
  • 2x Needle Caterpillar
  • 2x String
  • 20x Dual Coloured Leaf

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