Product Code: LI00614
Includes:: ? Transparent pockets wall chart with 2 object pieces per pocket and 48 object pieces ? 24 Phase 5 magnetic high frequency words ? Set of 18 A4 double sided, illustrated, mnemonic flashcards ? A set of 240 double sided cards featuring all the words recommended in Phase 5 ? A set of 182 double sided cards featuring alternative pronunciations ? A phoneme frieze ? A decodable and tricky word talkball ? A homographs puzzle to familiarise children with words that have the same spelling, but different meanings and pronunciations ? A set of illustrated cards for the yes/no activity ? A set of foam magnetic letters featuring all of the 18 graphemes taught in Phase 5 ? A set of 6, A4 magnetic boards ? A set of 5, wooden split digraph pieces ? All stored in a beautiful wicker basket

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