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Easy Hold Magnifier
A magical sheet of plastic which gives between 2 and 3x magnification. Soft and flexible making it i..
Easy Hold Magnifier
Hand magnifier (3 times and 5 times magnification) with easy to use hardwood frame providing a great..
Magnifier 45mm 3x 6x
Good quality, hard wearing magnifiers with dual magnification..
Magnifier 60mm 3x 6x
Good quality, hard wearing magnifiers with dual magnification..
Magnifier 80mm 2x 5x
Good quality, hard wearing magnifiers with dual magnification..
Two Way Viewer - Magnifier
Specimens can be viewed from above and from the side. Size 190 x 130mm..
Wooden Hand Lens
10cm plastic lens with x2 magnification plus inset lens with x3 magnification. An excellent aid to o..
Floating Ring Set
A set of 5 colour plastic encased ring magnets with a plastic stand to create a floating magnet tric..
Horseshoe-Shaped Magnets
Great for small groups or individual learning. Measure 12.5 cm. Set of 6..
Large Floating Ring Set
Handy sized magnetic rings (60mm x 10mm) and base for demonstration and hands-on play with magnetism..
Magnetic Attraction Kit
Two massive plastic cased ring magnets (100mm dia x 20mm) with their poles arranged laterally seem t..
These sturdy binoculars have a 6x magnification with 35mm lenses and are made of durable plastic. Co..
Bumper Cars & Ring Magnets
A set comprising of 2 bumper cars and 4 ring magnets. The cars have slots to accommodate the ring ma..
First Experiments Magnetism
The perfect set to develop magnetic investigation. Comes with a useful A4 background information boo..
Super Magnet Lab Kit
Everyone gets hands-on exploration with this complete 224-piece classroom set for 25 students. Conte..
Bug Viewer
Plastic pot with 2 magnifying lenses (2x and 4x) Size 70mm..
Hand Held Magnifier
A lightweight, 100mm diameter, 2x magnifier with a high qualityplastics lens. Inset with 20mm diamet..
Magnification Science Station
Exploration is made easy with this durable wooden tabletop station sturdy enough for years of use. T..
See & Speak - Single
Colourful, recordable magnifiers allow children to develop essential skills in a fun way. Perfect fo..
Funnels (7.5 9 & 12cm)
Set of 3 Funnels (7.5, 9 & 12cm)..
Funnels 12cm
Various sizes as shown Pk 10..
Funnels 7.5cm
Various sizes as shown Pk 10..
Funnels 9.0cm
Various sizes as shown Pk 10..
Geometric Volume Relationship
Demonstrate the relationships between shape, volume and area. Set of 6 hollow, 10cm shapes includes ..
Measuring Beaker Set
Made from Poypropylene, there are resistant to weak acid and alkali and have moulded graduations, fo..
Measuring Jug Set
Graduated measuring jugs in 250ml, 500ml and 1l. Pack of 3..
Plastic Test Tube Rack
Holds 6 test tubes and includes six drying pegs..
Syringes 10ml
Various sizes..
Syringes 20ml
Various sizes..
Syringes 5ml
Various sizes..
Graduated Beakers
Wide mouths for easy measuring. Set of five nest for storage. 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre ..
Graduated Cylinder
Durable polypropylene cylinders come in calibrations of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000mls. Set ..
Litre Measurement Set
Make a real live application of learning with translucent plastic bottles that mimic familiar water-..
Litre Set
Filled with liquids or solids, these graduated, clear containers teach students the relationship bet..
Basic Thermometer
For indoor and outdoor use, this wall-mounted thermometer has recessed tubes to prevent accidents. R..
Boiling Point Thermometers
Thermometers measure from -30..
Classroom Thermometer
This giant wall-mounted thermometer has a tube recessed into a wooden frame. Shows both Celsius and ..
Classroom Thermometer
For indoor and outdoor use, these wallmounted thermometers clearly display temperatures in both Cels..
Durable 5cm Compass
Includes instructions, protective cover and lanyard for carrying convenience...
Recycle It
This bright, visual display is ideal for highlighting how many of the everyday items we throw in the..
Weather Centre
This set of three weather-measuring instruments includes its own carrying case and includes a 3 baro..
Colour Paddles
Transparent 15cm paddles in six colours with three textures demonstrate the principals of colour mix..
Compost Container
Three separate compartments enable children to view the entire decomposition process clearly and mak..
Science Sort Activity Set
Develop a further understanding of key science concepts as students classify and compare objects on ..
Animal Cell Model
Demonstrate the parts of an animal cell with these tactile soft foam models. One half is labelled wi..
Bug Hunters
Made to our own design using standard 90cc vials with integral safety filter and colour coded suctio..
Flower Model
Demonstrate the parts of a flower with this durable foam tulip model. One half is labelled with part..
Plant Cell Model
Demonstrate parts of a plant cell with this tactile soft foam model. One half is labelled with the p..
Big Flower
The big flower is a brilliant visual resource for teaching about flower parts and their functions. F..
Class Lifecycle Bag
A large scale version of the lifecycle bag, designed for whole class and group work. Includes 8 life..
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