Product Code: AURDPWH
  • Highly cost-effective and hygienic dispenser that takes continuous paper rolls, the type that is not pre-perforated – it is the dispenser that auto-cuts the paper every time you pull a sheet out.
  • This ‘autocut’ dispenser system is ideal for maximum hygiene. The dispenser delivers premeasured sheets open and ready to use, and only at the moment of use – thus preventing the danger of cross contamination; only the paper is touched not the dispenser.
  • No batteries or electricity to worry about, no levers or handles, this is a simple but effective auto-mechanical action dispenser, safe and trouble-free.
  • Internal paper guide wheels for smoothness and accuracy, and high performance internal steel cutters which cannot be accessed from outside – meaning safety and peace-of mind when used around children.
  • Ideal for use in schools, healthcare, public places, food processing areas, and any high traffic areas, this system reduces both cost and consumption – great for the environment and your budget!
  • Takes paper rolls that have a maximum overall diameter of 260mm. The dispenser delivers the pre-cut towels one at a time, at approx. 280mm long each. (Use product code HTR1R86BU for refill packs of 6 paper rolls which are 200mm wide x 180m long)
  • European quality, made from strong, impact-resistant white ABS plastic
  • Hygienic wipe-clean surface is easy to maintain
  • Simple and fast to refill using the 2-pronged key supplied. Convenient hinged lid.
  • Clearview window means easy checking of levels so you know when you need to top up
  • Complete with wall fixings and key

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