Things are changing around us all the time, both positively and negatively. Sometimes we aren’t responsible for what does happen, and this can have an impact on our reaction to these events. Our senses have a big part to play in this, and when our senses fall out of balance, they can have a major impact on our lives too.

There are many factors that can impact our mental health and cause us to suffer from a mental illness including, illness, sudden or prolonged trauma, loss of a loved one, restriction of ability, employment, or maybe even circumstances at home.

Assistance from others can help us to identify what we need to cope with these challenging circumstances, change the way we think and then create a roadmap to help us to move forward and become much stronger in our mental health journey.

Multi-Sensory Environments (MSEs) were introduced with the therapeutic goal to create a calming space where someone can relax either by lying down, or taking a seat in a beanbag or chair, all away from the day-to-day bustle of life. An MSE can be completely personalised to create a safe/suitable space to completely relax and recalibrate our senses in our own time. This is why sensory activities have become an increasingly popular method of therapy in an extensive range of environments ranging from educational facilities right up to healthcare facilities.

Benefits of Sensory in Mental Health settings

  • Safely Relieve Stress
    •  An MSE is a safe space that has been perfectly designed around the patient's needs to help them self-regulate their behaviour and regain control of their senses.
  • Physical & Emotional Support
    • Sensory stimulation has been proved to be a major benefit to someone suffering from a mental health illness. From encouraging a younger person to play more independently to someone starting out on their rehabilitation journey, there is support for everyone.
  • Complementary Therapy
    • After a more intense therapy session, individuals can enjoy a safe space to contemplate and relax.

    Sensory in Mental Health Environments

    • De-Escalation & Isolation Rooms
      •    MSEs provide a safe space where the patient can release energy and return to a calm state, by using soft wall and/or floor padding, and other anti-ligature resources.
    • CAMHS, Children's Mental Health
      • Taking full advantage o sensory aids that support emotional skills to help children become more aware of their senses. A calming and relaxing sensory room provides a warm, safe space that is separated from a clinical environment and also can be used as a space for collaboration with family members.
    • Adult Mental Health
      • MSEs have a huge role to play in Adult Mental Health, using soft mood lighting to help them relax or creating a secluded and secure place for them to relax
    • Elderly Mental Health
      • MSEs help create a sense of independence, which in turn builds confidence in elder persons. A calming sensory room is great for helping someone who suffers from Dementia, Huntingdon’s, and Alzheimer’s to relax.

    The Top Products recommended for Mental Health Environments

      •  These are a perfect way to transport you into another area completely and help introduce a sense of calm! Another great use for an LED Sky Ceiling is to introduce a natural environment into an indoor area without impeding any floor space.

      • With a wide range of projectors available, you can be sure to find something to achieve your ideal outcomes. Projectors can also be ceiling mounted to reduce any risk of injury or misuse.

    • Anti-Ligature Resources

      • Create a safer space for individuals by introducing protective cases for movable items such as chairs and TVs etc.

      • Installing soft play padding on the floors and walls is a great way to improve the safety of the area. Padding can also be custom manufactured to remove potential harm from other higher-risk areas such as windows and doors.

      • Our complete seating range has been designed for use in de-escalation areas. With their complete foam structure, these chairs are a perfect solution

      • Create the perfect mood in the room by creating an array of colour flooding down the wall.

    When creating a Multi-Sensory Environment, the sky is the limit. There are endless possibilities of what can be achieved with support & safety in mind.

    Here at Creative Activity, we offer a complete Site Survey, 3D Room Design, and Design Process that is centred around your needs to ensure that you get the environment that meets your needs Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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