Wall Pocket Dining Table - Quite Simply the most space-efficient dining tables in the world.

Our Legendary wall-mounted folding tables - the ultimate space savers.  Quite simply, the most space-efficient dining tables in the word.

We could tell you how the Wall Pocket is like adding an extra room to your school without planning permission. Or how it frees up your store cupboard for other uses. But in short, you can simply fit more students in, without cluttering your hall with extra furniture.

Whether you call them 'dining tables that fold into the wall,' or 'folding tables for school dining areas,' rest assured you'll love the Wall Pocket System.

Our versatile fixed and mobile tables help to maximise space and deliver flexibility without the need for expensive construction or bulky unmanageable furniture.

We offer a full space-planning and design service and can even customise the tables with graphics to match your school or college branding. Let us take your vision through from concept to completion.

Our products are truly exceptional. We think of them as heros. Let us show you how they could transform your school or college.

Whether you're looking to solve dining space problems to get more people into an existing space, or you have dining furniture storage issues, the Wall Pocket Dining System could be the solution for you.

Our range of mobile folding tables are perfect for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, and any other dining environments where space is at a premium. In short, we help to create the most optimised dining spaces to suit your own particular requirements.

We understand the needs of schools and colleges and know that the right environment is crucial for delivering an effective and compelling dining experience.

Why Choose Creative Activity's Dining Range?

  1. We offer the most innovative and intelligent products in the marketplace. Cheaper options might be available, but none the space efficiency, ease of use, seating capacity and durability of the Wall Pocket System.
  2. Our products will increase the percentage of time you can use your school hall for other activities during the day. Transform your space in a matter of minutes.
  3. We offer a FREE space planning service, helping you make the best use of your dining space. Tell us your needs and we'll produce a layout image and proposal.
  4. We are the experts in school dining furniture. You won't find generic office furniture, just specialised education furniture designed specifically for schools like yours.
  5. Our products are supplied to schools and colleges across Northern Ireland and Ireland. Talk to us to arrange a demonstration.
  6. We can customise the tables with graphics to match your school or college branding. Create the right first impression and motivate your staff and pupils.
  7. All Wall Pocket Dining Tables are covered by a full manufacturer's warranty. Tables are guaranteed to be free from defects in original material and workmanship for up to 15 years.
  8. We offer a full annual maintenance plan, carrying out essential safety checks and inspections to provide complete peace of mind.
  9. All of our table tops are manufactured using durabel Wilsonart laminates, available in approxiamately 70 different colours and designs. Other laminate ranges, including Formica, Polyrey and Duropal are available if required.
  10. We believe you can't buy better. Call us today to discover more about the Wall Pocket Dining Table and how it could transform your school dining facilities.

What do Wall Pocket Dining Table users say?

“It saves a ridiculous amount of time when it comes to setting up the tables and chairs for dinner.”

“The Wall Pockets have been one our very best purchases, as they are a quick, easy solution to provide smart tables and benches for our children to eat on.”

“Working with Versa has proven to be one of the best customer service models we have experienced; we would have no hesitation in recommending their products and services to anyone else.”

“The Wall Pockets fit perfectly in our new studio hall and help to make the space usable for every occasion. They also look very stylish!”

“The Wall Pocket and Benchmark tables have been a big asset for us. They’ve increased the percentage of time that we can use the hall for other activities during the day as we don’t have to spend time setting up for lunch.”

“No staff are having to carry or set up heavy tables which has increased staff morale and reduced the risk of injury, which had been an issue in the past.”

“We have had lots of positive comments from visitors, parents and staff, but it is our pupils who are the most impressed. They are able to easily access maths equipment whenever they need it and everyone wants to use the new tables and chairs.”

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