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Our first ever bluetooth enabled floor robot, which means you can wirelessly control it with your ta..
Code and Go – Robot Mouse Activity Set
The chase is on. Program your mouse to find the cheese. Customize your maze for endless possibilitie..
Extra Robot Mouse
Code and Go – Extra Robot Mouse Jack, the fully programmable robot mouse, is ready to ..
Force and Motion Activity Set
Get your motor running with real STEM learning for young children. Learn all about physics in a fun,..
Polydron Bridges Set
Unlock the secrets of bridge building with Polydron Bridges which gives budding Civil Engineers and ..
Simple Machines Activity Set
Keep it simple with real STEM learning for young children. Learn all about physics in a fun colourfu..
Sink or Float Activity Set
Ahoy there! It’s real STEM learning for young children. Learn all about physics in a fun colourful w..
Polydron Engineering Set
Polydron Engineer is the latest, totally unique, Design and Technology product which is used to demo..
Blue-Bot Class Bundle
Get the whole class programming with the Blue-Bot Class Bundle! You can program Blue-Bot with a wide..
Program and control our most advanced floor robot, all via the popular Scratch programming language ..
Programmable Rainbow Matrix
Ideal to establish connections between the digital and physical world, The TTS Rainbow Matrix has 64..
Scratch Controller
A simple input device that can extend your use of Scratch, at a price you can afford. Our very own S..
Economy Pulley
Economy Pulleys All 50mm diameter..
Economy Pulley - Double
Economy Pulleys All 50mm diameter..
Economy Pulley - Single
Economy Pulleys All 50mm diameter..
Push/Pull Spring Scale Set
The unique design of the Push/Pull Spring Scales means they not only weigh suspended objects but in ..
Primary Science Magnet Set
Attract early learners to the wonders of magnetism! Students can discover the concepts of polarity, ..
Floating Ring Set
A set of 5 colour plastic encased ring magnets with a plastic stand to create a floating magnet tric..
Horseshoe-Shaped Magnets
Great for small groups or individual learning. Measure 12.5 cm. Set of 6..
Large Floating Ring Set
Handy sized magnetic rings (60mm x 10mm) and base for demonstration and hands-on play with magnetism..
Magnetic Attraction Kit
Two massive plastic cased ring magnets (100mm dia x 20mm) with their poles arranged laterally seem t..
Bumper Cars & Ring Magnets
A set comprising of 2 bumper cars and 4 ring magnets. The cars have slots to accommodate the ring ma..
First Experiments Magnetism
The perfect set to develop magnetic investigation. Comes with a useful A4 background information boo..
Clever Cats
A set of four delightful cats that are controlled with a simple one button unit. Children will have ..
Electricity Kit
Contents 5 DC motors, 20 MES bulbs and baton bulb holders, 2 MES flashing bulbs, 2 buzzers, 5 push ..
Magnetic Connections Electricity Kit
All electrical circuits required to cover the needs of the National Curriculum Science for Key Stage..
Primary Electricity Kit
This great value kit contains over 100 items including motors, bulbs, buzzers, LEDs, batteries, batt..
Simple Machines Set
Students can construct, examine and explain simple machines to develop a deeper understanding of how..
Speed Tracker
The Speed Tracker is a device which enables you to accurately measure an average speed over a given ..
Bee-Bot Class Bundle Pack
An essential bundle of Bee-Bots that would be a valuable addition to any class. Class Bundle include..
Rechargeable Bee-Bot
The award winning programmable and rechargeable floor robot. Supplied with a USB lead Bee-Bot can ei..
A natural progression from Bee-Bot, Pro- Bot is a floor robot which allows the programming of angles..
Pro-Bot Class Bundle Pack
A natural progression from Bee-Bot, Pro- Bot is a floor robot which allows the programming of angles..
Bee-Bot has been transformed into this delightful, versatile digger Using the same controls and move..
The Log-Box is an affordable datalogging device designed specifically for children Able to withstand..
1-2-3 Build It!? Car-Plane-Boat
Budding engineers can build three of their favourite vehicles. Teach young learners the important co..
Let'S Go Code! Activity Set
Coding with your buddies is a step in the right direction. Enjoy non-digital coding activities that ..
Stem - Magnets Activity Set
Explore magnetism, polarity amd magnetic attraction and repulsion. Includes two bar magnets, two mag..
Stem Engineering & Design Activity Set
Get early STEM skills in full swing. Young learners have the tools to design and build their own pla..
Knex Introducing Machines Levers and Pulleys
8+ Years 8 Models 2-3 Students 178 Pieces Build eight real working models of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class ..
Knex Introducing Machines Wheels, Axels and Inclined Planes
8+ Years 7 Models 2-3 Students 221 Pieces Seven real world examples of how a wheel turns an axle, ho..
Knex Introducing Machines Gears
8+ Years 7 Models 2-3 Students 198 Pieces This set builds seven different gear models, including two..
Knex Introducting Structures Bridges
8+ Years 13 Models 2-3 Students 207 Pieces Builds 13 fully functioning replicas of seven key bridge ..
Knex Introducing Structures Real Bridge Building
10+ Years 7 Models 6-8 Students 2304 Pieces This large set builds replicas of real-world bridges up ..
Knex Energy and Forces Renewable Energy
10+ Years 9 Models 6-12 Students 583 Pieces This set allows students to compare and contrast the pow..
Knex STEM Exploration Roller Coaster
8+ Years 3 Models 2-3 Students 546 Piecess This set has been designed to engage and inspire students..
Knex STEM Exploration Gears
8+ Years 3 Models 2-3 Students 143 Pieces This low priced introductory set allows children to explor..
Knex STEM Exploration Vehicles
8+ Years 7 Models 2-4 Students 131 Pieces This exciting set allows students to explore 7 different v..
Knex STEM Exploration Swing Ride
8+ Years 3 Models 2-3 Students 486 Piecess Students will be engaged and energized as they further th..
STEM Poster Set
Set of 10 posters focusing on the STEM learning approach. Designed to teach pupils the engineering d..
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